The special interactive features and controls that can be used to enhance CD presentations cover a wide range of different effects. Used appropriately these can make all the difference between a simply pedestrian presentation and something which is a pleasure to use.

The range of special effects covers all types of animations, page and object transitions - a few of the more commonly used are listed here:

ZOOM IN - facility for pictures and diagrams is useful where small detail may need closer examination.

CDsDROP MENUS - Most users are comfortable with these having used them in the Windows environment.

MOUSE OVERS - Hotspots can be used to enable many different types of events by moving the mouse pointer over different areas of the screen, typical uses for interactive maps, pop-up pictures, etc.

SLIDE SHOWS - This is a great way to show lots of example pictures without having to navigate through multiple pages

ANIMATIONS - Can be created and used to great effect in interactive CD presentation.

VIDEO - Has become very popular as a means of conveying the image of a company, either as a stand alone item or, more often, as part of a wider corporate presentation including product details, cataloguing, training materials, etc.

SHOPPING CARTS - Interactive CD can offer a complete shopping catalogue facility for off-line browsing - the user will be automatically connected directly to the appropriate page of an e-commerce website to complete a transaction, once a choice has been made. Distribution of shopping catalogues on CD provides a very cost effective and a very powerful way of promoting sales, and getting targeted visitors to e-commerce sites.

CAD VIEWERS - We have the ability to integrate 3rd party applications into CD presentation to allow viewing, or interaction with, special purpose files such as CAD drawings, etc.

EMAIL & WEB CONNECTION - Provided the user's computer has an internet connection the facility to email direct from the CD, or to connect to websites, can be provided.

FORMS - Interactive forms can be completed on CD whilst in an offline state, when completed a single mouse click will automatically connect to the internet, assuming a connection is available, and transmit the form information to pre-programmed addresses.

ANYTHING THAT BE DONE ON A WEBSITE, CAN ALSO BE DONE ON INTERACTIVE CD - PLUS LOTS MORE. Websites are restricted by many factors, not least of which is file sizes that are feasible to use, allowing for download times and operating speeds. Interactive CD does not have the same problem and can therefore offer a much richer variety of functions, bigger and better pictures, full-screen video and much more.