Joomla! and Wordpress are amongst the most powerful and popular Open Source Content Management Systems and they are used by millions of people and companies around the world. Joomla! and Wordpress are both free open source framework and content publishing systems purpose designed for the creation of personal, company and other website requirements including online communities, blogs and eCommerce applications. Joomla and Wordpress are suitable for powering everything from small personal sites right up to the largest complex corporate web offerings.

JD Internet have been developing and managing websites, both conventional and CMS style, for over 15 years and have specialised in Joomla! and Wordpress based sites for much of that time. The main advantages of CMS systems for the end user, once installed, include:

  • A huge choice and variety of style templates, either free or at low cost, from a wide variety of vendors - these can be adapted to suit individual requirements in many cases. Alternatively custom designed templates can be readily produced at reasonable cost to meet specific needs.
  • Fast and easy editing with a Microsoft Word type interface without having to worry about design which is largely taken care of by the underlying CSS styling in the site template. Joomla also allows editing of articles directly from the frontend website for authorised users, a valuable feature for quick changes and updates.
  • An in-built Category Manager simplifies the organisation and management of articles and content.
  • The creation and management of menu items and sub-items is straightforward with the Joomla! menu system for both internal and external links.
  • A reasonable learning curve to be able to manage most of the day to day requirements without having to have in depth specialist html or other web experience.
  • CMS websites are created using PHP and MySQL for data storage. PHP is the most commonly used web scripting language and MySQL is the most powerful and widely used open source database. This has made it easy for many developers to support Joomla! and Wordpress and has led to easy availability of thousands of different system extensions, components and plugins, from a large number of freelance and/or professional developers. These can extend the already very powerful core capabilities of Jooma! or Wordpress to achieve almost any special need. Form creators, Social Networking, Google Maps, Blogs, Forums, Video Players, Download Libraries, almost anything you can imagine is already available, often free, or commercially at very reasonable prices.
  • Joomla! and Wordpress both benefit from many very active forums and blogs where most common questions will quickly be answered by others with experience of handling similar issues or solutions. Additionally there are many developers and support companies who can provide management and other services when required.
  • Joomla! and Wordpress are updated continually with new functionality and with any changes required for security purposes, making these some one of the safest and best CMS systems available.
  • Built-in basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the provision of Search Engine Friendly (SEF) urls is a standard option in advanced CMS systems like Joomla! and Wordpress. It is widely accepted that the use of SEF links can benefits to your SEO rankings. Additionally, meta descriptions and the meta keywords can be set for any page, menu item, etc.
  • Access Control - Joomla! has a very powerful system for access control allowing almost unlimited control of who may see, edit or otherwise interact with content. Unlimited user groups and rules can be created and any article, menu item or individual module within Joomla! can then be set with appropriate permissions.
  • Multilingual support is built-in in the latest versions of Joomla! making it much easier to create websites with multi-country / language requirements.

    The reasons for choosing Joomla! or Wordpress are wide ranging, they are extremely flexible and powerful platforms capable of providing benefits for almost every level of website. Key to success with CMS websites, or any other website type for that matter, is to keep the core application up to date with all the regular security updates, to host on a good quality server with appropriate capabilities and support and to keep the site content fresh and up to date.

    If you are interested in having a CMS based website and want to know more on how Joomla! or Wordpress can help you, or if you just need help on your existing website, please do contact us. Our prices are very competitive, we offer a personal service and we can provide whatever level of support is needed, from initial design and creation, right through to fully managed hosting, updating and management of your website.