Our web design & development team has years of experience designing, developing and launching cutting edge, and effective websites. We design each project from scratch, with quality, visual appeal, and most importantly, search engine readiness in mind. Each web site is unique, with custom graphics, banners, and logos, representative of our client's business, at prices well below the industry standard.

world on keyboardWe keep our clients well informed during the entire development cycle using real-time test sites, to ensure fast development, prevent surprises and above all, to guarantee our clients' satisfaction.

Our philosophy is that online presence begins with the initial concept and design of a smart website. As such, a company's website design should be an integral part of the marketing process. We help our clients to achieve this by incorporating search engine optimisation, direct response techniques, relationship marketing and consumer psychology into their website.

Our goal is to create a website that not only offers information, but also entices visitors to visit again and again. A company's web site should serve as a community, develop brand loyalty and nurture a long-term relationship that will turn a visitor into a valued customer.

Unlike most website design agencies that focus just on making a website look good, we design websites that not only project a professional image but which also are intuitive, easy to use and can deliver the information that is being sought quickly.

Beyond HTML-based sites, we have expertise in:

Dynamic & Data Base Driven Websites - CMS Systems - Joomla - Wordpress - Moodle
Unlike static HTML-based Web sites, dynamic Web sites use a database, which is linked to the web pages to serve content on the fly. The trends indicate that database driven sites are becoming increasingly common. This is largely due to the flexibility, expandability, speed and ease of management offered by CMS (Content Management Systems) together with the availabilty of a huge variety of plug-in modules to provide special functionality, presentation and web services.

Real Time Updates
Web sites that require real-time updates have to be designed with this feature. For example, an eCommerce site needs to show availability and prices of its entire inventory in real-time. When a particular item is no longer available, the site should be able to update this information.

We offer:

  • website design aimed at attracting customers and projecting your professional corporate image
  • redesign of your existing website where required
  • functional websites that work to bring customers to your Internet doorstep

The websites we design:

  • start with researching your Internet needs
  • have good flow and easy navigation
  • have a look and feel that represents your company's needs
  • are designed for marketing
  • appeal to your identified target markets
  • load FAST

Website content is one of the most important criteria for visitor satisfaction. Web content includes:

  • developing text information
  • designing website navigation
  • graphics selection and placement
  • links to additional information in the website and to the Internet

We understand how hard it is to write your own website content. Our website content writers can write the content for marketing your goods and services. The content is developed to get the best search engine positioning while creating a marketing web page your customers will find informative. We'll talk to you about your website needs and gather any content you may already have like brochures and handouts. You always have final approval on your website content.